I am the wind

Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse is certainly the most popular contemporary Norwegian author. The fact is that he writes in the new Norwegian language spoken by about half a million people. The fact is that his wife is Slovak and has translated some of her plays. There are demonstrably different types of pauses and incomplete expressions in his texts. And if the testimony is complete, then the character sually contradicts himself. Fosse himself rites that his goal is to rewrite into some form of silence. More than the meaning of the words, I am interested in the level of the unpronounceable. In his work we see the inspiration of Wittgenstein’s philosophy and personality. Fosse was fascinated by Wittgenstein’s presence in Norway. “The cottage was built as an ideal place for someone who, if the time came, without a hard effort and with one movement, one jump, could fall to his death. “

(Fosse, Essays)